Airmaxxx Air Management - 580 Dual Compressors, 5 Gallon Steel Tank, 7 Switch, 1/2" Valves with Dot Airhose and Fittings

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Airmaxxx Standard 1/2" Air Managment Combo 

1/2"" Valves and Hose/Fitting (not to fast, But not to slow)

Front, Back and Independant Air Bag Control

Full Warranty

Airmaxxx Air Management Kit Includes:

Dual Chrome Airmaxxx 580 Compressors
Airmaxxx 5 Gallon Steel 9 Port Air Tank
Two Premium 40 AMP Relays
Pressure Switch 150psi on / 180psi Off
Eight 1/2" Brass 250 psi valves
Eight Valve Mounting Brackets
X7 Hand Held Switch Controller (w/ on/off Switch)
Complete Brass Fitting Kit
50 Feet 1/2 DOT Air Hose

Airmaxxx Compressors Specs:
3.53 CFM
12-Volt Permanent Magnetic Motor
Duty Cycle: 100% @ 100 PSI
Max. Working Pressure: 200 PSI
Max. Amp Draw: 45 Amps

Tank Fill Time
5 Gallon 0-200psi: 5 Min 10 Sec

Airmaxxx 5 Gallon Tank Dimensions
33.00" Long x 7.00" Diameter

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