airmaxxx 2500 Air Suspension Bags 3/8"NPT (two)

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2 Standard 2500 airmaxxx Air Suspension Springs

1/2"npt Single Port Bags
Reduced To 3/8"npt With BRASS Fitting

Two airmaxxx 2500 Air Bags

1/2"npt Single Port Air Springs 
Reduced To 3/8"npt With Brass Fitting

Specs of each bag:
Standard 2500 LBS
Double Convoluted
Diameter 6", Extended 8", Closed 2.75"
Top & Bottom Mounting Holes Measure Approx 1-3/4" from Eye to Eye
Bottom ALSO has One Mounting Hole in Center
All Mounting Holes are 3/8"-16 UNC
(warranty does not cover punctures, abrasions, abuse or poor install)

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